The Science Behind The Energy

Bio-Energy Science (BES) is a study of the Magnetic Resonance Patterns (MRP) and a method of viewing how matter interacts with its environment that challenges conventional science. This alternative perspective of the world in which we exist is based on the anomalies that exist in conventional science, that is a focus on the chaos and unexplained.

Conventional science utilizes the atom as the base unit of life. The atom is then comprised of protons, neutrons and electrons. Scientists use this to formulate theories on relativity and physics, that is how these forms interact. There is an assumption that the atom, the base unit, or even larger matter like a car, exist on a field. Scientist define this field as a plane on which a particle exist without interaction. The “field” is to be considered a separate external entity that acts as an environment for other life forms. The BES of an atom or life form challenges this perspective of a field.

When an atom interacts with other atoms, there is a persisting effect on each form. The same concept of how molecules of water form, the combination of two negatively charged Hydrogen Ions and one positively charged Oxygen Ion. The three different atoms combine by sharing electrons to form a molecule. This interaction of electrons has an effect on the total properties of each individual component of the molecule. This same perspective can be applied when considering how an atom interacts with its external world. The “environment” or “field” that matter exists in should not be considered external. If a rock is thrown into a pond and then ripples occur, moving away from the rock, how can the rock be an external component? If a particle/atom/molecule/force is external, than the precipitate would be as well. Since the movement becomes a new property of the water, the precipitate (movement waves) is internal. The MRP is the measurement and study of how matter effects other matter, by examining the energy waves of their interactions.

The interactions of subatomic relationships can be studied under the theories provided by the Magnetic Resonance Frequency, but larger atomic and physical interactions must be examined under the Bio-Energy Signagure (BES). The BES is the result of an object that has undergone significant interaction with another force. Referring to the previous model of a rock thrown into a pond, The BES is the water with the ripple; it is the result of a combination of how matter has interacted with its environment via a magnetic frequency. But what happens to the pond after the ripples subside? Though the naked eye cannot view any further action, this does not means that there is no further action in the pond.

The Global Resonance Signature of an object is constantly continuing and changing form. The signature is the identifiable characteristics of the function that is in process. Function, for this circumstance is defined as the relationship between two variables. When the BES persists often, the initial force of change alters in its properties. This causes a correlating shift in the BES. Often once BES, when viewed at different points on a contingency, appears different. This viewpoint of segmenting a BES is counter-productive. The BES should be approached with the understanding that an interaction is continuous, with continuous effects. Consider the pond and rock model again, once the water stops moving at the point where the rock entered, the waves in water approach the edge of the pond. The interaction now exists between the pond and the shoreline. Particles of dirt move into the pond and water from the pond move back into the dirt. The BES, that is the signature will drastically change in its appearance, but all of the new properties of the BES should be considered outside of a chronological point-of-view.

Since an object is a function of its environment and is also an environment for a new function, matter should not be considered separate from its environment. The pond and rock construct demonstrated how object never stop interacting with each other. The perspective on our world should not be ignored anymore. Bio-Energy Science as a study has opened the door to many new possibilities for understanding how objects/matter/functions are all related. Cause and effect is only a limited point-of-view that distracts the individual from the multiple forces that are constantly interacting in a continuous cycle.

Water and ion channels of cells

Molecular channels through the cell membrane.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003

Water channels allow the cell to regulate its volume and internal osmotic
pressure, and are needed when water must be retrieved from a body fluid
such as when urine is concentrated in the kidney. In plants, water channels
are critical for water absorption in the root and for maintaining the water
balance throughout the plant. Water channels are crucial for life and are
found in all organisms, from bacteria to man.

Ion channels make it possible for cells to generate and transmit electrical
signals, and are the basic molecular building blocks in the nervous system.
Ion channels can be made to open and close in response to different stimuli
(ligand binding, transmembrane voltage, temperature, mechanical stress), i.e.,
they are gated. Many ion channels are highly selective for a particular ion
(Na+ , K+ , Ca 2+ , Cl-), and can reach very high transport rates (~10 8 ions per
2 second). In man, ion channels are involved in a whole range of diseases in
organs such as the brain, the heart, and the muscles.

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